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What ‘pushes’ women to cheat?

What ‘pushes’ women to cheat?

Illegal bonds of women have been exploding in recent years… And women are increasingly having sex with many partners, just like men when given the freedom and opportunity with escorts.

Research shows that there has been a steady increase in women who have been out of wedlock for the past three years, and that the age at which these women have their first illicit relationship is gradually decreasing. The women who made intercourse before 1960 were between 30 and 40 years old.

In the 1970s and 1980s, women began having extramarital affairs at the ages of 26 and 30, and in the 1990s shortly after the 20s.

In another study examining why married women cheat on their husbands, the results showed that they did so to satisfy their need for self-esteem. Another man’s attention, in addition to her husband’s and her compliments on her abilities and her body, enhance a woman’s self-esteem.

A parallel relationship also offers an additional emotional closeness and intimacy with another member of the opposite sex. Sometimes an illicit relationship is born out of loneliness, when the husband is simply too busy to talk to his wife.

She may even find a lover because she is seeking a deeper understanding of herself and wants to explore her thoughts with a man who proves she cares about her.

Another reason for women’s extramarital affair is the fear of old age, where a woman feels younger and sexier thanks to her lover’s sexual desire for her.

Have sex at least once a week to avoid splitting!

Couples who do not have sex at least once a week end up behaving like good friends or just room-mates, so the relationship will soon end in separation. Men usually visit escorts in Athens and women cheat!

Experts, therefore, are “more” in favor of sex.

Although there is no magic recipe that sets the ideal ratio for sexual intercourse, people who are married or in a long-term relationship should not forget their weekly “obligation” to their partner, explains the Sexual Health Advisor and author of the book “Good in Bed” by Ian Kerner.

The sexual life of each couple depends, of course, on many factors, such as lifestyle, general partner health, libido and, of course, the quality of the relationship.

Therefore, what may seem like “too much” sex to someone else may be “too little”. That is why every couple has to find their own “common ground”, says Dr. Corner, however, advises his patients to have sex at least once a week.

According to him, as well as today’s edition of The Step, sexual rubbish in the United States tends to take on an epidemic. It is estimated that about 40 million Americans are in marriages where sexual contact is zero.

Increased workload, fatigue, stress caused by the financial crisis, side effects from medications, and even easy access to pornographic material on the internet are responsible, among other things, for increasing the percentage of non-sex couples.

The beneficial properties of sexual intercourse, however, extend beyond relationships. Sex rejuvenates us, reduces stress levels, strengthens the immune system and is responsible for the release of endorphins, euphoric hormones, into the body.

10 sexy ice tricks to try

Warmths have come to the forefront and where you are wondering how to have sex at 40 degrees. Kinky is coming to cool you down, suggesting 10 sexy ways to put ice into sex. Try them and you will remember us.

What you’ll need: Fill the ice cubes in the morning to find ready-made ice cubes in the night to come back and be ready for a run with your loved one. Wear the hottest lingerie in your wardrobe and leave for bed (or the sofa if your living room is cooler).

1. Put a lightly melted ice cream in your mouth

Start kissing your goodie by tucking the ice in the kiss. Do not be afraid if at some point the ice will end up in your good mouth. As the ice gets smaller and smaller, play with it with your tongue and pass it over different parts of your mouth.

2. Create an imaginative cool path on his bare body

After crossing the ice over your chest or back to the height of your genitals, cross the same path with your tongue. Changing the temperature will maximize its enjoyment. Let the wait for you just where your lips will end up take off.

3. Put an ice cube in your loved one’s hand

With your help he led it right so that it deletes circles around your chest. The circles will end up in your nostrils and the feeling will be very uplifting for you, especially if followed by his kisses in the area.

4. As you give him the best ice cube mouthfeel

Take an ice cube in your hand and start rubbing it on the whale while your lips will pass around and over the rest of the penis. The combination of hot mouth and frozen ice will bring him one step away from orgasm. Instead of hands, you can put some ice cream in your mouth and continue kissing on his penis. Be careful not to drown.

5. It’s time for him to take a frozen initiative

Give it a piece of ice and ask for it to pass through the most sensitive parts of your body (chest, clitoris, mid-knees, paws, chest, armpits), will help you finish before you understand it.

6.Continue with lips and ice cube

While caring for you down there with your lips, ask to use both the tongue and an ice cube.

7. Place an ice cube between your breasts

Let it freeze over there by lowering it for a few seconds. Then drive the penis to this area (frozen Spanish) and make a nice massage.

8. Ask for an ice cube to pass through the area of ​​the toes

From the toes and across the toe. As incredible as it may seem, the area of ​​the brain associated with the paws is very close to the one that stimulates the genitals as well.

9. Change the way you get used to having sex

Sit on the edge of the bed and ask him to sit in front of you so that you have his head in your lap. Begin to slip your fingers around his head, while you can also use an ice cube that crosses the paths you made with your fingers.

10. After sex…

Ask him to lie down face down and, along with the massage to relieve him, spend an ice cube over his back to calm him down after having such a hot love. Then ask him to do the same with you, like escorts Greece do!

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How Sex Drive Develops Through the Years

It feels like a basic concern, however scientists still can not agree on exactly what composes sex drive or how to measure it in males or females. While hormonal agents play a role, it’s not always clear how much of a difference they make. But other variables– mental, social, as well as physical– also interact to produce your libido. Having a healthy relationship or just visiting Athens sex is also a way to keep your sex life active.

Men at their 20s

Testosterone, a hormonal agent men need for sexual stimulation, is commonly high in your 20s, therefore is your libido. But it’s additionally a time when you could be distressed about sex because of inexperience. That may be part of why 8%, as well as perhaps extra, of males in their 20s report erectile dysfunction (ED). The condition can take place because of a clinical or psychological health concern or even be a sign that you’re at danger for cardiovascular disease. Talk with your medical professional concerning your signs.

Women at their 20s

You’re likely to be extra fertile from your teenagers to late 20s than you are in the years that adhere to. This might make you choosier concerning if and also when you make love, though it’s not clear specifically why. As a matter of fact, scientists assume that female need might increase equally as fertility starts to decline toward the end of your 20s.

Men at their 30s and early 40s

Lots of men continue to have a solid sex drive via these years, though testosterone begins to gradually reduce around age 35. It usually decreases by concerning 1% each year, yet maybe faster for some men. This could have some result on your sex drive. Plus, for lots of guys, the tension of job, family, and also various other dedications can impact just how interested you remain in sex.

Women at their 30s and early 40s

This time around of life might be when your libido is greatest. One research study showed that women in between 27 and 45 had extra constant and also extra intense sex-related fantasies than more youthful or older women. They also had more sex as well as were most likely to have it faster in a partnership.

Women having Kids

At any kind of age, pregnancy and childbirth have a big impact on your sex life, however it’s different for everyone. Your body and also hormones transform throughout maternity. That may indicate a boost in libido sometimes, particularly throughout the 2nd trimester, and a lack of desire at others.You likewise may be anxious concerning whether it’s secure to have sex while you’re expecting. (It normally is, yet ask your medical professional if you’re unsure.) Breastfeeding, raising children, as well as various other work can additionally affect the moment, energy, and passion you have in sex.

Keep Connected

Being intimate with your companion is just one of life’s best satisfaction. However a lasting illness can take the happiness out of sex. You might not wish to have it, can’t obtain excited sufficient, or have problem reaching orgasm. Understanding what the issue is could be the initial step to locating options.

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