“Growing up, I remember seeing the iconic Tommy Hilfiger flag on celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Aaliyah,” Lewis Hamilton, born 1985, recalled. He was walking us through his collaboration with the legendary American designer – gynaikeia royxa , which dropped during New York Fashion Week earlier this month.

The 69-time (69-time!) Grand Prix winner hasn’t been on Hilfiger’s radar for quite as long, but the designer is equally in awe of Hamilton’s style and talent. “Lewis is bold in everything he does,” he tells us. “He’s not afraid to take risks. And he has a cool and sophisticated style that really speaks to the new generation of Tommy fans.” Which is partly code for: Lewis Hamilton loves high-end track pants. He wears small cross-body bags. He is covered in tattoos. He calls Hilfiger’s other marquee brand ambassador, Gigi Hadid, a friend. He is living the dream.



After three seasons of working side by side on their ongoing TommyXLewis partnership, Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton are ready to shake things up. Ahead of the duo’s upcoming spring 2020 collection, Hilfiger and Hamilton revealed their fourth collection features a surprise guest: R&B singer H.E.R.

Building on its commitment to sustainability, the TommyXLewisXH.E.R capsule is made with 100 percent organic cotton. The trio’s new collection is calm, cool, and colourful, with a palette of soft neutrals, black, neon green, and Hilfiger’s iconic red, white, and blue colour scheme. The TommyXLewisXH.E.R range includes comfy hoodies, sweatpants, and shirts with graphics and words written all over as well, as the race driver’s “H” logo.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity and freedom that Tommy and Lewis gave me to infuse my personal vision and aesthetic into the TommyXLewis collection,” H.E.R said in a statement. “We are united in the belief that fashion should be for everyone, so putting inclusivity at the heart of the capsule was a no-brainer. It was an incredibly creative and collaborative experience, and it was fulfilling to be able to express myself in a fresh way through the medium of fashion.”


“Through TommyNow, we continue to the push boundaries of what fashion on the runway can look like in terms of the dialogue it supports, the experience it provides and the change it can inspire,” Tommy Hilfiger added. “Our ‘See Now, Buy Now’ platform has evolved into a stage for artists to express their creativity and values. With H.E.R.’s relentless drive to inspire new generations to be authentic and our shared belief that fashion should empower us to be ourselves, we are thrilled to showcase this unique capsule that speaks to the core of our brand DNA.”

The full collection will debut following the upcoming TommyNow “See Now, Buy Now” runway show at the Tate Modern in London on February.

Who is Tommy Hilfiger?

Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger was born on March 24, 1951, in New York. Hilfiger has built his brand, using his signature red, white and blue tag, which has become popular among the upper class and the casual buyer. Before making his immensely popular product, he opened several stores in the ’70s. It wasn’t until 1984, when he was approached to design a men’s sportswear line with his name that he took off into the stratosphere of fame and fashion.

In 1984, Hilfiger was approached by Indian entrepreneur Mohan Murjani, who was looking for a designer to head a men’s sportswear line. Murjani allowed Hilfiger to design the label under his own name, sealing the deal. The pair announced Hilfiger’s arrival onto the scene with a blitz marketing campaign that included a bold billboard in New York City’s Times Square announcing Hilfiger as the next big thing in American fashion. “I think I am the next great American designer,” Hilfiger told a reporter in 1986. “The next Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein.”

Despite Hilfiger’s commercial success, however, the fashion elite still snubbed him. In 1994, the year Hilfiger was the frontrunner for the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America Menswear Designer of the Year, CFDA decided not to give the prize at all. They, later relented, and gave it to him in 1995.

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