Even with expanding up in the ’90s prior to the web was a mainstay in just about every household, I can barely keep in mind a time when “google it” was not the common reaction to a query that you really don’t have an right away definitive reply to. So I surely wasn’t amazed to study that there were being at the very least 3.3 million attractiveness-similar issues googled in the last 12 months, in accordance to a review by Fragrance Immediate.

Damaged down by nation, the final results make for exciting reading—particularly when your livelihood depends on serving up truly useful natural beauty written content online like mine does. In Germany, the citizens are evidently eager to weigh up the dangers of a big hair transformation before having the plunge with “What hair colour is most effective for me?” coming out as the most-searched elegance concern. Whilst over in Norway, they are all about those people multitasking natural beauty instruments with “How to curl hair with straighteners” at the leading of their checklist of magnificence thoughts. (FYI, we have the remedy to that one particular right here.)

Apparently, it was hair-related questions that were being getting asked way a lot more than factors like skincare and makeup. In reality, issues relating to hair produced in excess of 482,000 Google queries in the final 12 months on your own. But what was it that us Brits wanted to know?

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